Shark offers a full line of parts and accessories to customize the optimal cleaning solution

Shark's full line of parts and accessories offer customized cleaning solutions that provide a better cleaning result while saving labor time and money.  Using the appropriate accessories for your cleaning application also reduces wear and tear on your pressure washer, resulting in longer life of the machine.


Shark's top-selling accessories include:



Surface Cleaners - Cleans flat surfaces up to 10-times faster than with a wand!


The Cyclone flat surface cleaner easattaches to a hot- or cold-water pressure washer (preferably with 2000-3500 PSI) and cleans flat surfaces fast, “mowing” grime from floors, patios and sidewalks. A rotary spray bar spins at 2000 RPM while the Cyclone seemingly glides across floors, patios and walkways riding on the evenly balanced tubed pneumatic tires and swivel caster wheel. 



Rotary Nozzles


Standard pressure washer nozzles with a 25° or 40° spray pattern clean quickly, but with minimal cutting action. To clean deeply, the 0° nozzle focuses, even burrows, the spray into a tiny area. But it takes longer to clean as it covers such a small area.


Super-blast rotating nozzles clean faster and deeper than conventional high-pressure spray nozzles by combining the deep cleaning impact of a 0° nozzle yet the wider coverage of the broader spray pattern of a 25° nozzle. Shark offers dozens of rotary nozzle models, including the new Legacy Revolution Turbo Nozzle.



Telescoping Wands


Reaching high places with a pressure washer just got easier with Shark’s telescoping wand. Made of light-weight fiberglass and aluminum, it’s the easiest handling extension wand on the market for cleaning buildings and hard-to-reach places at heights of up to 24 feet and at pressures of up to 3000 PSI. It is balanced for ease in cleaning, and is available in three length extensions.






The “easy-to-identify” blue Shark hoses are made of the highest quality. When tested to ISO 6945 / DIN 20024, they have proven to have seven times more abrasion resistance than other brands of pressure washer hose yet is 20% more flexible.


With their unique steel-wire braid design, Shark hoses have been engineered for a greater continuous temperature range—from -40° to 275°F (and 310°F intermittent)—and for handling pressures of up to 4500 PSI.


They also boast the maximum strength Class A ORS (Oil Resistance Standard) and feature a bite-the-wire coupling grip on the hose. All hoses come with a 24-inch hose guard for operator burst protection.





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