Vehicle Washing Construction Cleaning Products and Environmental Containment and Wash Water Treatment

Shark Kärcher Group, a member of Karcher North America, provides cleaning solutions that are great for on-site or in-shop use. It's important to keep heavy-duty construction equipment clean in order to keep it working properly. Shark is your one-stop shop for cleaning equipment specifically designed for the construction industry, including portable wash pads, pressure washers, water cannons, wash water treatment systems and more.

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Pressure Washers, Water Cannons, Water Blasters

Shark makes a full range of pressure washers for cleaning construction and/or mining equipment, oil and gas equipment, and vehicles of all types.

  • Hot and Cold Pressure Washers up to 5000 PSI
  • Water Cannons and Water Blasters for cleaning tracked equipment with heavy accumulations of mud and dirt
  • Trailer Mounted pressure washers for cleaning on the job site

Portable Steel and Poly Wash Pads

  • Steel Wash Pads that are easy to assemble and easy to move to new sites. Pads can be customized for size of vehicles, with side walls for over spray, mud removal systems, etc.
  • Poly wash pads for cleaning or liquid containment

Wash Water Treatment Systems for Environmental Compliance

Shark supplies treatment systems, to either clean wash water to meet city sewer regulations or recycles the water back to the pressure washer for re-use.

  • Wash Water Recycle Systems – nothing goes down the drain
  • Wash Water Treatment Systems – treats and cleans the water to be compliant with municipal sewer regulations
  • Advanced treatment systems – Filtration, Coagulation, Electro Coagulation, Bioremediation, Evaporation and more

Commercial and Industrial Floor Cleaning Products

Shark supplies floor cleaning products for buildings, warehouses, shops, and maintenance facilities

  • Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers
  • Ride-on Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers
  • Carpet Extractors
  • Wide area vacuums
  • Shop Vacs with Hepa filtration and automated filter cleaning
  • Disaster Restoration Products – Dehumidifiers, Blowers and Carpet Extraction
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